Day 2

Some thoughts from Day 2 of the tournament:

  • Between work and an evening soccer game, I didn’t get to watch as much action as Thursday.
  • I was really happy for Purdue, and not just because I picked them to beat Siena. They were punished by the selection committee because of Hummel’s injury, ending up with a 5 seed. I still remember how Cinncinati fell apart after Kenyon Martin broke his leg in the 2000 C-USA tournament. They had been ranked number #1 almost all year, and one freak injury took it all away. I hope Purdue gets a chance to keep playing and keep playing well.
  • I caught the first half of Gonzaga-Florida, and man the Zags just blew them away. Syracuse has to be feeling a little nervous after watching the offensive show the Zags put on in the 1st half.
  • Louisville looked absolutely terrible. The final score wasn’t that bad, and they even cut the Bear’s lead down to about 4 at one point. But I never felt they had a shot. I didn’t see a lot of Louisville this year, but I was struck by how many players they had whose names I recognized. Preston Knowles, Edgar Sosa, and Peyton Siva all came in as HIGHLY touted recruits. Siva is a freshman this year, and for whatever reason has hardly contributed at all. Sosa and Knowles have had pretty un-impressive careers. I imagine that would be a tough recruiting pitch for Pitino. “Come to Louisville! Play in the the Big East, and leave your four years as the same player you started as!”
  • Good luck to everyone today!

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