. . . and other mythical beasts.

             I don’t want it to seem like I am out to singlehandedly destroy Eric Bledsoe’s draft stock . . . but . . . I’m not sure how to finish that sentence. I guess I just don’t want anyone, mostly Larry Legend and the Pacers, fooled into thinking he is the point guard of the future. I summed up my thoughts on Bledsoe playing the point last week. I thought I would add to it a little today. After this I promise to leave him alone . . . unless the Pacers bring him in for a workout.

            I keep hearing that Bledsoe is the best point guard prospect in this draft. However, I always answer that with the fact that he had more turnovers than assists this season. Here is a list of players drafted in the 1st or 2nd round since 2002, who averaged more turnovers than assists their final year in college. I included points guards and shooting guards, because I see Bledsoe’s future at the shooting guard position.

Name Year A/TO Ratio
Jodie Meeks 2009 0.66
Jermaine Taylor 2009 0.67
Robert Vaden 2009 0.83
O.J. Mayo 2008 0.93
Eric Gordon 2008 0.64
Courtney Lee 2008 0.89
Sonny Weems 2008 0.93
Chris Douglas-Roberts 2008 0.86
Shan Foster 2008 0.97
Joe Crawford 2008 0.77
Nick Young 2007 0.56
Daequan Cook 2007 0.71
Morris Almond 2007 0.34
Maurice Ager 2006 0.97
James White 2006 0.87
Denham Brown 2006 0.83
Antoine Wright 2005 0.92
Joey Graham 2005 0.76
Salim Stoudamire 2005 0.92
Von Wafer 2005 0.98
Kirk Snyder 2004 0.98
Kevin Martin 2004 0.56
Andre Emmett 2004 0.89
Tim Pickett 2004 0.87
Luis Flores 2004 0.68
Dahntay Jones 2003 0.46
Travis Hansen 2003 0.92
Kareem Rush 2002 0.86
Rod Grizzard 2002 0.76
Tamar Slay 2002 0.82

            Just to be clear, an A/TO ratio of less than 1.00 means the player had more turnovers than assists. Bledsoe’s was 0.96 this season. So does anyone see any productive NBA point guards on that list? Does anyone see even one NBA point guard on this list? Okay, point made (pun intended), I promise I’m done with this topic for awhile.


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