I heard Ken Drews and Dan Filowitz use an absolutely splendiferous new word on the Disciples of Clyde podcast today. The word, Hotheady, which I hadn’t ever come across before, was used to reference the Denver Nuggets. I believe the context was (not a direct quote) the Denver Nuggets wouldn’t be able to keep it together in their playoff series against the Jazz because they were sure to do something “Hotheady.”

       Obviously this is not a completely new word, but an adjective form of the word hot-head. I for one, will be doing my part to make sure this wonderful word becomes a part of the mainstream basketball vernacular. I’d also like to submit the following entry to Urban Dictionary.

hot-head-y (hät-ˌhed- ē) adjective
1. reacting with a bad or quick temper 2. giving a hasty, passionate, or violent response
(see: Martin, Kenyon and Cousins, DeMarcus)


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