Stats Glossary Update: 5/4/2010

     I haven’t been posting much lately, as I’ve been spending quite a bit of time working on the Stats Glossary page here at Hickory High. The page is up and running now! It links to my descriptions of PER, eFG%, TS%, Hoopdata’s Shot Location Database, and Queen City Hoops Player Swap Tool. I will continue to link additional pages as I finish them.

     I hope these pages can be a resource for readers here, to learn more about some of the statistics and tools I use in my writing. I am certain that I have made errors of omission, vagueness, analysis and outright understanding. I would love to hear thoughts, feedback, corrections or disagreements from anyone, so I can improve this feature and make it as useful as possible.

     You can link to the parent page on the menu bar above, or by clicking here. Thanks!


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