Site Update 8/6/2010

Things have obviously been slow around here the past few weeks. There have been a lot of big NBA stories, but I just haven’t felt I had anything to say that wasn’t already being said in a hundred different places.

I do have some exciting updates though. I have gone ahead and purchased a legitimate web domain for the site. So you can now reach Hickory High at either or at the brand new! (Don’t forget the hyphen.)

Although there haven’t been many new posts since the beginning of July, I have added a few pages to the Stats Glossary. Pure Point Rating and Basketball Reference’s Play Index have both been added. Check them out, and as always I would welcome any feedback you have!

Finally, I have begun experimenting with Twitter. You can check out my page on Twitter  (@Hickory High) or here on the widget at the main page. We’ll see how this goes for awhile and whether it’s worth the time and effort.

Stay tuned for the conclusion of my Trading for a Championship analysis (hopefully to be finished sometime next week) and some season previews as we move into September.



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2 responses to “Site Update 8/6/2010

  1. Josef



    Out of curosity, could you post up Dunleavy and Granger’s numbers for P&R ball handler on offense? Thanks.

    • Josef, thanks for reading and commenting. Here are Dunleavy and Granger’s numbers for P and R ball handler.

      Dunleavy – 37 Possessions
      0.70 Points Per Possession
      32.0% FG%
      18.9% TO%
      Granger – 130 Possessions
      0.74 Points Per Possession
      34.4% FG%
      13.8% TO%

      Pretty uninspired stats.

      I’ll put the numbers up in the comments at the Cornrows article you linked as well.

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