Site Update 10/17/10

Just a quick site update for this afternoon. Things have been taking off with my Expected Points work, so I decided to create a single page with links to all the various posts I’ve done working with this information. The page, Expected Scoring – Statistics and Analysis, can be be found through the link on the front page header. This page contains links to my 2009-2010 individual and team analysis using Expected Points. It also has links to the individual Expected Scoring Player Profiles I’ve been working on. Finally, there are links to the raw Expected Points data for the entire league. Currently the 2009-2010 data is up. Once the season begins I am hoping to be able to keep the raw data for 2010-2011 available, with weekly updates.

New Stats Glossary pages for Free Throw Rate and Usage Rate are now up. As always comments and feedback are appreciated.

You can follow me on twitter, @HickoryHigh. In addition, I’ve added my email address to the sidebar for any questions or comments to long to be added on a specific post. There’s lots more good stuff coming as the season draws closer, so stay tuned!

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