Last Night’s Numbers – 1/5/11

This is Last Night’s Numbers, a daily feature where we run through the NBA games from the night before, highlighting one or two numbers I found particularly interesting from each game. All the stats are from Hoopdata’s box scores, which contain some additional advanced stats not available in traditional box scores.

Miami 101 – Milwaukee 89

  • Once again Miami’s big three pitched a tent at the free throw line and camped out for most of the game. Bosh, Wade and James were 29 of 35 from the free throw line and helped the Heat to a 0.500 FTR for the game.
  • Milwaukee made a fair number of trips to the line themselves with a FTR of 0.466. Unfortunately they struggled to score from the field, making just 39.8% of their shots. John Salmons “led” the way making just 6 of 18.
  • Despite having only 7 of their shots blocked the Bucks made just 10 of 21 shots at the rim. Once again John Salmons “led” the way making just 3 of 7. 

New York 128 – San Antonio 115

  • Stars abounded for the Knicks last night with Raymond Felton, Amare Stoudemire and Wilson Chandler scoring 28, 28 and 31 points respectively. They were all very efficient with TS% of 71.3%, 68.2% and 78%. For the game the team posted and ORtg. of 129.3.
  • In addition to shooting the lights out the Knicks only turned the ball over on 6.1% of their possessions.
  • DeJuan Blair was a force inside for the Spurs. He scored 17 points and grabbed 8 rebounds in just 18 minutes. 11 of 12 his shot attempts came at the rim and he converted 8 of them.

Chicago 111 – Toronto 91

  • Chicago was able to get wherever they wanted on the floor at the offensive end. Although they made just 25, they attempted 43 shots at the rim against Toronto’s porous interior defense. The Bulls shot 53.1% for the game.
  • The Bulls did a great job on the glass, grabbing 57.1% of available rebounds. Taj Gibson and Carlos Boozer combined for 27 of those rebounds.

Memphis 110 – Oklahoma City 105

  • Both teams shot better than 51.0% from the field, turned the ball over 14 times and made 22 free throws. Memphis took the game with 12 offensive rebounds compared to just 3 for Oklahoma City.
  • Russell Westbrook had his way with Mike Conley, going 6 of 10 at the rim and attempting 9 free throws. He finished the game with 28 points on a 58.4% TS% with 4 rebounds and 7 assists.
  • Kevin Durant did not have an inspired effort last night. He was 11 of 24 from the field with 12 long two pointers compared to just 4 shots at the rim. He also turned the ball over 6 times.

Dallas 84 – Portland 81

  • With all the missed shots this game had some terrific individual rebounding performances. Marcus Camby had 20 rebounds for the Blazers including 5 offensive boards. Tyson Chandler had 13 rebounds for the Mavs with 6 offensive boards.
  • Dallas’ performance from behind the three point line, 8 of 22, compared to just 4 of 16 for Portland, helped them steal the game.
  • Jason Terry had the mid-range game working, knocking down 5 of 9 from 16-23ft.

Atlanta 108 – Sacramento 102

  • Atlanta turned the ball over on 20% of their possessions, but helped themselves out with a 9 point advantage at the free throw line and an 8 of 18 performance on three pointers.
  • Tyreke Evans had a strong game for the Kings. He scored 29 points on a 63.2% TS%, including 8 of 10 at the rim. Evans also added 4 rebounds, 8 assists, 5 steals, 2 blocks and just 1 turnovers.
  • Pooh Jeter gave Sacramento 17 strong minutes off the bench, contributing 4 points and 6 assists with no turnovers.

L.A. Lakers 108 – Detroit 83

  • The Pistons turned the ball over on 20.6% of their possessions compared to just 6.6% for the Lakers.
  • Rookie Greg Monroe played well for the Pistons. He led the team with 30 minutes played and scored 14 points on a 67.8% TS% with 11 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 steals and no turnovers.

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