Last Night’s Numbers – 1/20/11

This is Last Night’s Numbers, a daily feature where we run through the NBA games from the night before, highlighting one or two numbers I found particularly interesting from each game. All the stats are from Hoopdata’s box scores, which contain some additional advanced stats not available in traditional box scores.

Phoenix 106 – Cleveland 98

  • The Suns won despite shooting under 50% from inside of 10ft., where they went 20 of 42. Shooting 14 of 24 from 10-23ft. and 6 of 19 on three pointers helped make up for it.
  • Steve Nash had 15 assists for the Suns, 11 of which went for either layups or three pointers.
  • The Suns outrebounded the Cavs grabbing 54.7% of available rebounds.

New Jersey 103 – Utah 95

  • New Jersey was able to overcome a TOR of 20.0 by posting an ORR of 34.4 and a FTR of 0.493. Makig 8 of 16 three pointers didn’t hurt either.
  • Brook Lopez made an effort to work on the interior on offense, taking 15 shots from inside of 10ft. Of course he only made 6 of those 15. Combine that just 4 rebounds and it looks like more of the same.
  • The Nets controlled the glass grabbing 58.6% of available rebounds. No Jazz player was in double figure rebounds for the game.

Orlando 99 – Philadelphia 98 (OT)

  • Philadelphia did a monumental job on the defensive glass, holding Orlando to an ORR of just 8.9.
  • Orlando posted a FTR of 0.547 compared to just 0.381 for Philadelphia. Despite that disparity they scored the same number of points at the free throw line as Dwight Howard went 10 of 22.
  • Orlando made 8 of 24 three pointers and needed every one of them to pull out the win. Ryan Anderson led the way making 4 of 10.

Boston 86 – Detroit 82

  • Boston’s rebounding was a huge boost for them. They grabbed 58% of available rebounds and had an ORR of 32.6.
  • Greg Monroe was a perfect 5 of 5 from the field and grabbed 9 rebounds to go along with his 13 points. All 5 of his field goals came at the rim.
  • Rajon Rondo had 8 assists, 6 of which went for layups.

New Orleans 103 – Memphis 102

  • The Hornets and the Grizzlies shot the ball very evenly, but New Orleans turned the ball over slightly less, a TOR of 11.3 compared to 14.4, and did with a FTR of 0.346, did a better job of getting to the line. They finished the game with a 9 point advantage at the free throw line.
  • Marcus Thornton provided a great scoring punch for the Hornets. He dropped 17 points in just 22 minutes on a 78.1% TS%. He was also 4 of 4 at the rim.
  • Mike Conley was very efficient scoring for the Grizzlies. He had 22 points on an 86.2% TS%. He also dished out 5 assists but with 4 turnovers.

Milwaukee 100 – Washington 87

  • With a FTR of 0.438, the Bucks finished the game with a 10 point advantage at the free throw line.
  • Washington actually moved the ball well, totalling 26 assists. That works out to an assist on 74.3% of their made baskets. John Wall had 13 assists, 7 of which went for layups.
  • Keyon Dooling gave the Bucks offense a huge lift. He scored 23 points on a 96.8% TS%. Dooling was 9 of 11 from the field and knocked down 3 of 4 three pointers.

Houston 104 – New York 89

  • The Rockets and the Knicks had nearl identical ORRs, 18.4 and 18.2, and FTRs, 18.1 and 18.4. The Rockets just shot better from the field, 47.2% compared to 42.2% for the Knicks.
  • Amare Stoudemire had a fairly inefficient game for the Knicks. He scored 25 points but on a 52.9% TS%. Stoudemire also missed 3 free throws, had just 5 rebounds and turned the ball over 5 times.
  • Aaron Brooks, Kevin Martin and Kyle Lowry each made 2 three pointers for the Rockets. However, it took them a combined 23 attempts to make those 6.

San Antonio 104 – Toronto 95

  • DeJuan Blair had a monster game for the Spurs. He put up 22 points on a 68.8% TS%. He also added 11 rebounds, 8 of which came at the offensive end.
  • Led by Blair, the Spurs dominated the glass. The grabbed 56.3% of available rebounds and posted an ORR of 38.6.
  • Andrea Bargnani had a nightmare shooting night. He was 6 of 20 from the field and 3 of 16 from beyond 10ft.

Dallas 109 – L.A. Lakers 100

  • Dallas was a terrific 12 of 26 on three pointers. The Mavs were led by Jason Kidd and Jason Terry who went a combined 9 of 14 from beyond the arc.
  • The Lakers were 13 of 14 on shots at the rim. Pau Gasol beefed up their offense by going 6 of 9 on shots sinde of 10ft. but not at the rim.
  • Tyson Chandler had 10 rebounds for the Maves with 6 coming at the offensive end. His personal ORR was 30.3%.

Denver 112 – Oklahoma City 107

  • Denver pushed themselves to an ORtg. of 121.7 in part by turning the ball over on just 8.7% of their possessions. They also shot 51.3% from the field and had a FTR of 0.402.
  • Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant combined to go 22 of 24 from the free throw line but just 14 of 34 from the field.

Portland 94 – Sacramento 90 (OT)

  • DeMarcus Cousins must have forgotten his power bracelet. Cousins was 2 of 11 from the field and had as many rebounds (4) as turnovers.
  • LaMarcus Aldridge carried the Trailblazers again but wasn’t particularly efficient. Aldridge scored 23 points but on a 44.6% TS%. Aldridge was 8 of 15 inside of 10ft. and just 2 of 9 from outside of 10ft.

Golden State 110 – Indiana 108

  • Indiana wasted a huge game from Danny Granger. Granger scored 32 points on a 71% TS%. He also had 13 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 steals, albeit with 7 turnovers.
  • Indiana also squandered an unusually dominating performance on the glass. The Pacers grabbed 58.4% of available rebounds and posted an ORR of 34.9.
  • Monta Ellis carried the Warriors to the win. Ellis has 36 points, including the game winner, on a 61.4% TS%. Ellis was 10 of 15 from inside of 15ft.

L.A. Clippers 126 – Minnesota 111

  • Blake Griffin had 29 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists in just 31 minutes. His 8 rebound performance broke his streak of 27 consecutive double-doubles.
  • Kevin Love extended his streak of consectuve double-doubles to 29, with a 26 point, 11 rebound performance. All 11 of Love’s rebounds came in the second half.
  • The Clippers had 22 offensive rebounds for an ORR of 51.2. Combine that with Minnesota’s 1 of 16 performance on three pointers and you end up with a 15 point win.

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