The Obscure Statistics Leaderboard: No Thanks, I’m Stuffed

Frequently, when researching some obscure point in response to a comment or follow up question, I’ll come across a contextless but completely surprising statistical tidbit. In that spirit I present a new feature, The Obscure Statistics Leaderboard. I won’t dig too hard for meaning or predictive value, just present these numbers for what they are, bizarre and unexpected statistical iotas.

Speaking strictly from personal experience, there is nothing quite as confidence-shattering as having one of your shots thoroughly and completely stuffed. So who has had their shot blocked the most this season? Below is the the Top 10 in terms of their totals shots blocked by opponents.

1. Derrick Rose – 68
2. Kevin Love – 63
3. Carmelo Anthony – 61
4. Russell Westbrook – 60
5. Zach Randolph – 59
6. Amare Stoudemire – 57
7. Danny Granger – 52
8. Pau Gasol – 51
9. Gerald Wallace – 50
10. DeMarcus Cousins – 49

What you have here is actually a collection of some of the best scorers, especially at the rim, that the league has to offer. Each of these players takes a high number of shots at the rim. More shots at the rim means more opportunities to get your shot blocked. Jumpshooters, like Ray Allen, are unlikely to ever find themselves on this list. Now let’s look at the Top 10 list by percentage of shot attempts blocked.

1. Omer Asik- Chicago Bulls – 25.0%
2. ZaZa Pachulia – Atlanta Hawks – 20.4%
3. Reggie Evans – Toronto Raptors – 18.0%
4. Ryan Hollins – Cleveland Cavaliers – 18.0%
5. Chuck Hayes – Houston Rockets – 17.1%
6. Semih Erden – Boston Celtics – 16.7%
7. Solomon Jones – Indiana Pacers – 15.7%
8. Dominic McGuire – Charlotte Bobcats – 15.4%
9. Josh McRoberts – Indiana Pacers – 14.3%
10. Greg Monroe – Detroit Pistons – 13.9%

As a Pacers’ fan I’ve got to say that looking at that list makes me feel a little nauseous. Jeff Foster’s Blkd% of 13.2% comes in just a few slots below McRoberts. When looking at percentage instead of totals, Danny Granger drops out of the Top 10, but with a Blkd% of 8.1% he doesn’t drop too far. As a reference point, the league average for a player’s Blkd% is 6.7%. For a team that’s struggling offensively, to lose so many potential points at the rim because of an inability to finish strong is just torture.

Last season’s champion for Blkd% (minimum 100 FGA) was Glen Davis, who had 17.9% of his shots sent back. That mark would rank Davis 5th this season. Last season Zach Randolph led the league with 121 of his own shots being blocked, a full 12 more than the next highest player, Carmelo Anthony. It’s still only halfway through the season but Randolph’s mark looks like it could be in jeopardy from several players, including Randolph himself. There’s nothing like striving to beat a personal best!


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