Last Night’s Numbers – 2/15/11

This is Last Night’s Numbers, a daily feature where we run through the NBA games from the night before, highlighting one or two numbers I found particularly interesting from each game. All the stats are from Hoopdata’s box scores, which contain some additional advanced stats not available in traditional box scores.

San Antonio 102 – New Jersey 85

  • San Antonio controlled the glass, grabbing 56.2% of available rebounds. Tim Duncan and DeJuan Blair each had 11 rebounds with 7 offensive rebounds between them.
  • BROOK LOPEZ HAD 10 REBOUNDS!!!!!!!! He also shot 5 of 16 from the field including going 4 of 12 on shots inside of 10ft. 
  • New Jersey turned the ball over on just 9.6% of their possessions. They still scored only 85 points because they shot just 34.9% for the game.

Charlotte 109 – L.A. Lakers 89

  • D.J. Augustin had 9 assists and no turnovers for Charlotte in 26 minutes. 4 of those 7 assists went for three pointers.
  • The Bobcats were 8 of 21 on three pointers compared to 3 of 19 for the Lakers.
  • The Lakers were 18 of 37 on shots inside of 10ft. and shot just 43.8% for the game.

Atlanta 94 – Detroit 79

  • The Hawks shot 56.5% from the field, 89.5% on free throws and 7 of 16 from on three pointers.
  • Detroit was 10 of 19 on three pointers, but just 17 of 51 from everywhere else. They went 9 of 22 on shots at the rim.
  • Atlanta recorded an assist on 74.3% of their made baskets. Mike Bibby and Joe Johnson combined for 13 of their 26 assists.

Milwaukee 102 – L.A. Clippers 78

  • Milwaukee knocked down 11 of 26 three pointers. Carlos Delfino led the way making 7 of 10.
  • John Salmons had 12 assists for the Bucks, 10 of which went for layups or three pointers.
  • The Clippers had another rough shooting night, at just 37.2%. The backcourt of Baron Davis and Randy Foye combined to go 13 of 29 and shoot 2 of 10 on three pointers.

Portland 95 – Minnesota 81

  • Dante Cunningham had a big game for the Blazers with 18 points on a 64.3 TS%. He also added 13 rebounds, all in just 24 minutes.
  • Wayne Ellington was 1 of 5 on three pointers for the Wolves. He did, however, have 5 assists that led to three pointers for his teammates.
  • Portland won the rebounding battle, grabbing 54%. The also posted an ORR of 38.9%.

Houston 121 – Denver 102

  • Shane Battier scored 17 points on a perfect 7 of 7 from the field. He also knocked down 3 three pointers. That works out to a 121.4 TS%.
  • Kyle Lowry had 7 assists for the Rockets, all of which led to layups or three pointers.
  • The Rockets controlled the glass, grabbing 54.1% of available rebounds. They had 6 different players with at least 6 rebounds.


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2 responses to “Last Night’s Numbers – 2/15/11

  1. Greyberger

    I’m enjoying this series. It’s like a combination of Dwyer’s behind the box score (which comes and goes and definitely isn’t daily) with a more four factors approach.

    Whenever somebody does what Shane Battier did in the Denver win, and finish with better than two points per possession (TS% > 100%) it reminds me of in the ’03 Spurs-Mavs series. Kerr only played 47 minutes the whole playoffs, and had been a bench-warmer for four years, but came into the game long enough to kill the mavs with four threes and no misses.

    Without comment, here’s the Advanced Box Score line for Kerr that game:

    Minutes played 13
    TS% 150%
    eFG% 150%
    AST% 60.8%
    USG% 14.8%
    ORtg 278

    • Thanks for the comment Berger. It went to spam for some reason, that’s why it didn’t show up at first. That is a pretty remarkable line. I remember a few other TS%’s above 100.0% this season. Next week I’ll try and go in and see if I can find some other incredible anomalies like that this season and maybe even historically. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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