Last Night’s Numbers – 3/9/11

This is Last Night’s Numbers, a daily feature where we run through the NBA games from the night before, highlighting one or two numbers I found particularly interesting from each game. All the stats are from Hoopdata’s box scores, which contain some additional advanced stats not available in traditional box scores.

L.A. Lakers 101 – Atlanta 87

  • 50 of the Hawks’ 83 shot attempts came from outside of 15ft. Not surprisingly they shot just 39.8% for the game.
  • The Lakers controlled the glass grabbing 53.1% of the available rebounds. Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum combined for 27 rebounds, 9 at the offensive end.
  • The Lakers recorded 27 assists. Every single player had at least one in the game.

Golden State 95 – Cleveland 85

  • The Cavs’ two power forwards, J.J. Hickson and Samardo Samuels combined to go 8 of 25. They had 16 rebounds and made 7 of 13 shots at the rim but were 1 of 12 from everywhere else.
  • Monta Ellis made 6 of 9 three pointers on his way to 24 points. He was just 3 of 12 from inside the arc.
  • The Warriors blocked 11 of Cleveland’s shots. That was 12.9% of their shot attempts for the game.

Philadelphia 110 – Indiana 100

  • Indiana turned the ball over on 20.1% of their possessions.
  • Seven different players scored in double figures for the 76ers. As a team they shot 51.1% for the game.
  • Tyler Hansbrough was the only bright spot for Indiana, scoring 26 points on an 82.5 TS%.

Milwaukee 95 – Washington 76

  • The Wizards shot just 37.7% for the game and turned the ball over on 23.2% of their possessions. Jordan Crawford, Nick Young and John Wall each turned the ball over 5 times.
  • Andrew Bogut had 7 assists for the Bucks, 5 of which went for layups.
  • The Wizards were just 10 of 19 at the free throw line. JaVale McGee, Kevin Seraphim and Hamady Ndiaye did most of the damage, combining to make 3 of 9.

Portland 105 – Miami 96

  • Portland had a 50-90-40 game. They shot 50.7% from the field, 94.8% from the line and 41.2% on three pointers.
  • Portland had an ORR of 32.4% for the game, totalling 12 offensive rebounds. Marcus Camby led the way with 6.
  • Dwyane Wade was 12 of 13 at the free throw line. LeBron and Chris Bosh combined to go 2 of 5.

Phoenix 113 – Houston 110

  • Kyle Lowry’s transformation into an actual NBA shooter continued last night. He scored 32 points on an 81.2 TS%, and knocked down 7 of 11 three pointers.
  • Hakim Warrick and Vince Carter carried the Suns to the win (Yes, you read that right). They combined to score 64 points on 27 of 36 shooting. 19 of their 27 field goals were assisted on.
  • Steve Nash had 14 assists. 6 went for layups and none went for three pointers.

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One response to “Last Night’s Numbers – 3/9/11

  1. Greyberger

    The Lakers are hot and cold this season, but unlike the Heat they’re hot at the right time. They’re a much better team chasing the two seed than they ever were defending it. LA is a juggernaut right now and the phrase ‘defending champions’ is enough to make me taste vomit.

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