Statement of Purpose


        Let me begin by saying that I recognize and freely admit the self-indulgent nature of this undertaking. To my knowledge, no one has ever expressed the slightest desire to hear or read any of my opinions about basketball. Despite being a passionate fan, I am utterly unqualified as a basketball analyst. Despite my bachelor’s degree I am a barely proficient writer.

          Now that my shortcomings are out of the way, let me talk briefly about my strengths. I love basketball. I watch as much as I can, while balancing the commitments of being a husband and 3rd grade teacher. I read as much as I can about basketball. I actively work to deepen my understanding of the many aspects of this wonderful game. I have many thoughts and opinions. I have a burgeoning desire to put those thoughts and opinions into writing.


         This blog will be a place for me to add my own thoughts, admittedly simple and unqualified, about the world of basketball to the vast cacophany of opinions expressed over the internet and other media forms. In all likelihood, I will be the only person reading or discussing these opinions for the forseeable future. As I don’t anticipate having much in the way of readership, this blog will serve first and foremost as a vehicle for me to analyze, codify and expand my own opinions and understandings of the world of basketball, through the use of the written word.


          To begin, I am setting a modest goal of at least one post per week. At first these posts may take a myriad number of forms. I hope that as I become more proficient as a blogger and a basketball thinker a structure to my opinions and discussions will emerge, which will guide the nature of future posts.

*All aspects are subject to revision!


5 responses to “Statement of Purpose

  1. Bluejohn

    I haven’t read one post yet, followed the link over from I love your premise and appreciate your honesty. As the experts prove themselves incapable of meaningfully writing about anything more than the top 8-10 teams your opinions and analysis is just as likely to be as good or better than the talking heads over at ESPN and the like.

  2. Very impressive blog you’ve put together. I like how you’re able to manipulate existing stats into analytics that are way more useful, and you clearly understand the game beyond numbers.

    Your vision and overall passion bears a striking resemblance to that of mine. Like you, nobody in my entire network of friends loves basketball as much as I do. So, I recently started blogging about the NBA myself – at the advice of David Thorpe himself (he was nice enough to respond when I decided to take a long-shot at asking him how landing an NBA gig would be possible). I’m an engineer at NASA, so obviously I have been immersed in a career path that would expose me to the sports world at all. It seems as though you’ve broken through that barrier and have had great success.

    Anyway, I’m going to link to your blog, both on my “Favorite Links” list and on specific posts of yours. If you have a minute, please take a look at my blog at Let me know what you think.


  3. Shane

    “I am a barely proficient writer.” — Thats quite a modest statement. Your writing is extremely mature and expressive. Don’t sell yourself short.

    • Thanks Shane! I wrote this Statement of Purpose just over a year ago when I started the blog. I’d like to say I was just trying to keep expectations low with some self-deprecating humor. I certainly had that in mind, but the truth is that plugging away and writing nearly every day for such a long span of time has done a lot for my skill level. If you went back ten or eleven months into my archives, I’m not sure mature and expressive would be the first words to pop into your head. Still, I’m glad the improvement is apparent and I truly appreciate the compliment. Feel free to leave many, many more.

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