Statistic: eFG% (Effective Field Goal Percentage)

What is it?

  • eFG% is a way to account for the extra points gained by making a 3-point basket as opposed to a 2-point basket.
  • eFG% is calculated using the formula: Field Goals Made + (3 Point Baskets Made x 0.5)/Field Goals Attempted.
  • Example: A player makes 4 out of 10 2-point baskets. The player has a FG% of 40% and also an eFG% of 40%. They have gained 8 points for their team. A player shoots the same 10 shots but makes 2, 2-point baskets and 2 3-points baskets. That player has the same traditional FG% of 40% as our first player but has an eFG% of 50% because they gained 10 points for their team.

Why should I be interested?

  • eFG% is a statistic which shows the value of each made basket more accurately than traditional FG%. Strictly speaking, a made 3 pointer is worth more than a made layup.
  • Example: Dwight Howard had a 61.2 traditional FG% this season. Mike Miller had a 50.1 traditional FG%. By this measure Howard would appear to be vastly superior from an efficient scoring standpoint. However, eFG% factors in Miller’s 3 Point shooting prowess, and shows that their offensive contribution were much more comparable. Howard had a 61% eFG%, Miller a 60% eFG%.

Why should I be skeptical?

  • Don’t be skeptical, but be ready to use eFG% in conjunction with other statistics. If a player has a high eFG%, you may need to also at 3PT% or FG% to see if the high efficiency comes from scoring at the basket or from making lots of 3PTs.
  • Be prepared to compare eFG% to the number of shots a player takes. It is easier to have a high eFG% if you only take a few very makeable shots.

Where can I find it?


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