Hoopdata’s Shot Location Database

Statistic: Hoopdata’s Shot Location Database

What is it?

  • The terrific website Hoopdata.com is now tracking the location of every made and missed shot, for every player on every team in the NBA.
  • Each shot is placed into one of five categories: At Rim, < 10ft., 10 – 15ft., 16 – 23ft., Three Pointer.
  • For each category you can examine the number of shot attempts, shots made, FG%, and the % of baskets assisted on. These breakdowns can be viewed for individual players as season totals, by specific game, per game or per 40minutes. They can also be viewed by team and as opponent data for each team.

Why should I be interested?

  • This is an incredible amount of information which was previously unavailable to the average fan.
  • The possiblities for exploration are endless. Find out which team averaged the most shots at the rim per game. Find out which player is the best mid-range shooter. Find out which point guards are the best finishers at the basket. Find out which power forwards are the best at shooting long jumpers. If  it feels like your team shoots nothing but long 2-point jumpers (Indiana), see if that’s really what’s happening. Find out which players have the highest percentage of their 3-pointers assisted on. Find out if your team gives up a lot of layups, or allows the opponents to shoot well on 3-pointers.

Why should I be skeptical?

  • Nothing to be skeptical about here. This is not a new analysis or formula. It is simply access to data which wasn’t previously accessible.
  • Be prepared to spend a lot of time poring through this information. There is so much interesting data, it is easy to lose track of time.

Where can I find it?

  • This information is available at the website Hoopdata.com
  • The Player Stats tab will give you sortable data for the entire league.
  • The Team Stats tab will give you sortable team data for the entire league.
  • You can also access this information for individual players from their player pages.
  • This information is also collected and available for each individual game. Access this information from the Box Score Tab.

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