Offensive/Defensive Rating

Statistic: Offensive/Defensive  Efficiency (Also called Offensive/Defensive Rating)

What is it?

  • This statistic is a way to compare the points scored or allowed by a team. This statistic figures the points scored or allowed per possession by a team and then multiplies it by 100 possessions.
  • It is calculated using the formula: Points x 100/Possessions.
  • Basically, it is how many points a team scores or gives up per 100 possessions.

Why should I be interested?

  • This statistic is much more valuable than points scored or allowed per game, because it eliminates variations due to pace.
  • For example: The Warriors scored 108.8 points per game last season and the Magic scored 102.8 points per game. By this measure the Warriors would appear to be a much better offensive team. However, this difference is due mostly to the much faster pace the Warriors played. When we look at Offensive Efficiency we see the Warriors averaged 105.4 points per 100 possessions and the Magic averaged 109.5 points per 100 possessions.  The Warriors scored more points per game because the played at a faster pace. The efficiency ranking shows that the Magic scored at a better rate on each possession.

Why should I be skeptical?

  • There is not much to be skeptical of, but I will offer some caveats.
  • Don’t abandon the statistic of points scored or allowed per game, but use those traditional measures in conjunction with the new efficiency measures. By using both in conjunction you can get a measure of a team’s offense and defense in terms of quality and quantity.
  • This statistic has different names on different sites. It is also referred to as offensive/defensive rating. Make sure to look at the glossary of the stats website you are using, to ensure you know exactly what you are looking it.

Where can I find it?

  • This stats can be found in the Team Statisics section of many stats websites. Below are some of my favorites:
            Hoopdata (click on the Offense or Defense tab)

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