Queen City Hoops’ Player Swap Tool

Statistic: Queen City Hoops’ Player Swap Tool

What is it?

  • This tool, developed by Brett Hainline at Queen City Hoops, lets you swap a player from one team with a player from another team, and then projects the results.
  • The projections are based on Team Offensive and Defensive Efficiency, Individual Points Scored per 100 Possessions, and Pythagorean Record. The projections are returned in the same categories.

Why should I be interested?

  • Although the comparisons are anything but exact, and fail to account for plenty of variables difficult to measure (team chemistry, offensive and defensive systems), they do give an opportunity to make hypothetical comparisons about player movements. How much better or worse would my team be if we could trade Player A for Player B?
  • For example, if the Pacers had swapped T.J. Ford for Devin Harris last season. This would increase the Pacers offensive efficiency by 1.8 points per 100 possessions, decrease their defensive efficiency by 1.3 points per 100 possesions, and earn the team 1.3 extra wins over the course of the season.

Why should I be skeptical?

  • The projections are based on team efficiencies and don’t take into account things like team chemistry, coaching, or offensive and defensive schemes.
  • The projections are hypothetical and don’t take into account realistic trade factors like salaries.

Where can I find it?


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