Statistic: TS% (True Shooting Percentage)

What is it?

  • True Shooting Percentage is a statistic which takes into account 3Pointers and Free Throws to create a better overall measure of a player’s shooting ability. Basically it combines the statistics of FG%, 3PT% and FT% into one measure.
  • True Shooting Percentage is calculated using the formula Pts/(2 x (FGA + (o.44 x FTA)))

Why should I be interested?

  • TS% is a statistic which gives a complete picture of a player’s shooting ability in one number.
  • Like eFG% it accounts for the relative point values of the shots a player makes for anywhere on the floor, but it incorporates free throws as well.

Why should I be skeptical?

  • Don’t be skeptical, but use it in conjunction with other statistics. TS% accounts for the different categories of shooting (FTs, 2-Pts, 3-Pts) in one number. You may still want to look at those categories individually to see what makes a players TS% high or low.
  • Be prepared to compare a player’s TS% percentage to the number of shots a player takes from different locations. It is easy to have a high TS% if a player takes a very small number of very makeable shots.

Where can I find it?


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