For the past few months I’ve been doing a weekly NBA links piece called The Outside World for the sports site Pickin’ Splinters. The format of that site requires a photo for each post. I decided it might be an appropriate outlet for a photography project I’d been kicking around for awhile. The idea was to catalog through pictures, some of the many beautiful and unique outdoor basketball courts. I’ve attached one photo to each post, but decided to create a gallery here at Hickory-High where all the photos can be seen together. I’m obviously not an experienced or talented photographer. If you have any comments please be gentle. Unless noted otherwise, all the photos are from my general neighborhood in Boise, Idaho.


Highland Hollow - 1

Highland Hollow - 2

Highland Hollow - 3

Highland Hollow - 4

Fort and 9th St. - 1

Fort and 9th St. - 2

Fort and 9th St. - 3

Fort and 9th St. - 4

Hubbard Elementary School - 1

Hubbard Elementary School - 2

Elm Grove Park - 1

Elm Grove Park - 2

Sunset Park - 1

Sunset Park - 2

Highlands Elementary School - 1

Highlands Elementary School - 2


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