Stats Glossary

      I have been a basketball fan most of my life, but over the past 2 years I have begun to really explore, in depth, the overwhelming wealth of information available on the internet. It began with the Truehoop Network, which has led me to an ever expanding web of basketball writing, stats and analysis. This exploration has increased my basketball knowledge two-fold, and my basketball curiousity ten-fold.

      About two months ago I started Hickory High as a way to contribute some of my own opinions and share some of the new things I have learned. First and foremost in the new knowledge department are the many newer “advanced” statistics where are being developed and discussed. I am still learning about many of these stats, but have been using them in some of my posts. I thought it would be worthwhile to create a glossary of some of these statistics, to ensure that anyone who happens upon this site can understand and participate in the analysis and discussions. Although there are a few comprehensive sites, many of the explanations of these stats are scattered across many different webpages. I hope this can be a single location where that information can be collected and accessed easily.

      I have divided these statistics into four categories: 1) Individual Statistics, 2) Comprehensive Ratings (combinations of individual statistics) 3) Team Statistics, 4) Statistical Tools (new methods of data collection and analysis). From this page I will link to a separate explanation of each statistic. Within each explanation I will try to answer four questions: 1) What is this statistic? 2) Why should I be interested in this statistic? 3) Why should I be skeptical of this statistic? 4) Where can I find this statistic or more information about it?

       For some readers my list may seem very basic, but I would like to start with the simple and most familiar and move to the more complex. My understanding of this field is still developing and I am certain to make errors in both explanation and reasoning. If you feel I have made an error, or disagree with any of my reasoning please let me know. I welcome discussion as a way to ensure accuracy and to educate myself. I have started with a list of stats I intend to explain, and will add links to the explanations as I finish them.

Individual Statistics:

  • eFG% (Effective Field Goal Percentage)
  • TS% (True Shooting Percentage)
  • TRR/DRR/ORR (Total Rebound Rate/DefensiveRR/OffensiveRR)
  • Usg (Usage Rate)
  • PPR (Pure Point Rating)
  • FTR (Free Throw Rate)

Comprehensive Player Ratings:

  • PER (Player Efficiency Rating)

Team Statistics:

Statistical Tools:


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