Last Night’s Numbers – 12/15/10

This is Last Night’s Numbers, a daily feature where we run through the NBA games from the night before, highlighting one or two numbers I found particularly interesting from each game. All the stats are from Hoopdata’s box scores, which contain some additional advanced stats not available in traditional box scores.

Denver 111 – Orlando 94

  • Perhaps bolstered by rumors of an impending trade, Carmelo Anthony had a huge game. Melo had 35 points and 11 rebounds on a 67.7% TS%. He was 8 of 10 at the rim, attempted 11 free throws and 14 of his shot attempts come from within 15ft.
  • J.J. Redick broke out of his shooting slump in a big way. Redick had 29 points on a 96.9% TS%. He made 6 of 9 three pointers and all three of his shots from inside the arc.

Detroit 103 – Atlanta 80

  • Detroit beat up Atlanta on the boards. Detroit grabbed 58.1% of available rebounds including 10 on the offensive glass. They posted an ORR of 26.3% compared to just 8.3% for the Hawks.
  • The Pistons were 19 of 21 at the free throw line, including a combined 12 of 12 from Richard Hamilton and Rodney Stuckey.
  • The Pistons made 10 of 22 three pointers, including a 4 of 6 performance from the ghost of Tracy McGrady.

Golden State 108 – Minnesota 99

  • The Warriors were just 5 of 20 on jumpers from 16-23ft. They made up for it by knocking down 11 of 22 from behind the three point line.
  • Darko Milicic had 25 points and 11 rebounds for the Timberwolves. He was 6 of 7 at the rim but only 6 of 12 on shots inside of 10ft. but not at the rim.
  • Golden State drew a ton of fouls, posting a FTR of 0.403 for the game. Unfortunately they made just 19 f their 31 attempts at the line.

Houston 118 – Sacramento 105

  • Sacramento actually outshot Houston, 52.5% to 50.0%. Houston was able to pull out the win, and post a ridiculous 121.6 Offensive Rating because they knocked down 10 three pointers and only turned the ball over on 11.3% of their possessions compared to 18.6% for Sacramento.
  • DeMarcus Cousins took 15 shots for the Kings, only 2 of which came at the rim. I guarantee that is not the kind of shot distribution they are looking for from him.

Philadelphia 82 – New Jersey 77

  • Philadelphia was able to grab a win despite getting destroyed on the glass. New Jersey grabbed 58.6% of available rebounds and had an ORR of 38.0%. No 76er had more than 6 rebounds in the game.
  • The difference for Philadelphia was their ability to make more shots than New jersey, barely. The 76ers shot 40.6% for the game, the Nets shot just 34.2%. The Nets were just 8 of 20 on shots at the rim.

L.A. Lakers 103 – Washington 89

  • The Lakers spent most of the night at the free throw line. They posted an FTR of 0.533 and ended the game with 40 attempts compared to just 16 for the Wizards. They had a 17 point advantage from just made free throws.
  • Washington’s three headed guard monster, Arenas, Hinrich and Young, were just 17 of 46 for the game. That includes a sparkling 1 for 13 performance on three pointers.
  • The Wizards kept themselves in the game with 19 offensive rebounds. JaVale McGee and Kevin Seraphim each had 6. Seraphim’s 9 total rebounds came in just 15 minutes of action.

Charlotte 97 – Toronto 91

  • The free throw shooting in this game was just plan awful. The two teams combined for a respectable FTR of 0.305. However they were a combined 29 of 50 at the line. That works out to just 58%, yuck!
  • Toronto did a great job on the offensive glass, with an ORR of 38.5%. Three different players had at least 4 offensive rebounds.
  • Charlotte blocked 13 of Toronto’s shots. That’s 14.6% of their total attempts.

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